Gilman Mom: the Ultimate USB

Today, exactly five years from their first release, we are proud to announce the release the Gilman Mom: the Ultimate USB. This is the resting version of a discography entitled ‘A Trilogy of Perspective’, that of Gilman Mom. This drive contains the complete collection of Gilman Mom’s art: music, photos, and film. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Goodnight, forever.

Get the soundtrack to your summer with Gilman Mom’s new album “Revisionist History”

In attempt to connect deeply with nature my newly-released album, Revisionist History, is immersed in atmospheric field recordings and jazz-inspired drone.  The album looks to delve into the embrace of a warm, youthful summer’s day and perhaps explore what mental state endured by such an environment. This album was made as a direct response to my previous album Manifest Destiny. It follows the lighter pathways opened in conclusion of its predecessor. Revisionist History was made carefully and purposefully. I got a lot out of making this thing and I hope you do as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy!