Gilman Mom: the Ultimate USB

Today, exactly five years from their first release, we are proud to announce the release the Gilman Mom: the Ultimate USB. This is the resting version of a discography entitled ‘A Trilogy of Perspective’, that of Gilman Mom. This drive contains the complete collection of Gilman Mom’s art: music, photos, and film. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Goodnight, forever.

Manifest Destiny Anniversary Edition

With a brand new cover for its anniversary, Macaque Records is proud to announce the Manifest Destiny Anniversary Edition digital package! For just $1 you can get a high-quality digital download of Gilman Mom’s seminal album, plus a digital booklet, virtual CD artwork, and a handful of demos from the album creation.

You can grab it here:

Revisionist History Memory Box!

The newly released Revisionist History Memory Box enables you to experience Gilman Mom’s third album in a whole new way. The box includes a CD, three polaroids, a silk sunflower, and a sachet of lavender. Revisionist History can now be felt, smelled, heard and tasted. Kick back, relax, and immerse yourself in the relaxed, fluttery world of this album. You can purchase the box set at The Revisionist History Memory Box is a limited edition of 25.