A Trilogy of Perspective Art Book   $Pay What You Want

Experience an ocular version of Gilman Mom’s abstract epic, A Trilogy of Perspective. A digital art book documenting the journey’s prose. This saga allows you to viscerally enter the mind of a boy becoming a man. Adolescence conquered by the seething truth. Confusion and depression becomes deconstructed and molded into self-reliance and environmental adulation.

A Trilogy of Perspective Box Set   $30

Experience Gilman Mom’s masterpiece of emotional acclivity in physical form at a pay-what-you-want pricing format. Half of all proceeds go to a charity of your choice!


Revisionist History Memory Box   $20

A box that captures the spirit of Revisionist history in sound, sight, smell, and feel


Manifest Destiny Anniversary Edition Digital Package   $1

Digital package that includes CD art, digital booklet, and demos from Manifest Destiny


Manifest Destiny CD   $3

Limited edition of 100
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