Get the soundtrack to your summer with Gilman Mom’s new album “Revisionist History”

In attempt to connect deeply with nature my newly-released album, Revisionist History, is immersed in atmospheric field recordings and jazz-inspired drone.  The album looks to delve into the embrace of a warm, youthful summer’s day and perhaps explore what mental state endured by such an environment. This album was made as a direct response to my previous album Manifest Destiny. It follows the lighter pathways opened in conclusion of its predecessor. Revisionist History was made carefully and purposefully. I got a lot out of making this thing and I hope you do as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy!


I am beyond thrilled to announce that Manifest Destiny has surpassed 20,000 downloads (as well as 80,000 streams)! Going in to this project that was my reach goal and to have accomplished it is incredibly satisfying. A huge thank you to everyone that has supported this project! Let’s get that plaque made.

FMA Song of the Day

I found out that “Fool’s Gold” from Manifest Destiny was selected as the Free Music Archive’s Song of the Day for December 1, 2017!

I’m incredibly happy about this — since I’ve been releasing my music under creative commons licenses I’ve wanted to get a song on Song of the Day, and it finally happened! What an honor.