Gilman Mom: the Ultimate USB

Today, exactly five years from their first release, we are proud to announce the release the Gilman Mom: the Ultimate USB. This is the resting version of a discography entitled ‘A Trilogy of Perspective’, that of Gilman Mom. This drive contains the complete collection of Gilman Mom’s art: music, photos, and film. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Goodnight, forever.

ATOP Art Book

With physical copies of A Trilogy of Perspective running low, Macaque Records is pleased to announce that Gilman Mom is releasing a digital version of the compilation. Digital copies include a brand new digital booklet, digital packaging artwork, and the entire discography of Gilman Mom with a remastered edition of Manifest Destiny complete with an extended version of track “Houndstooth”.

Experience an ocular version of Gilman Mom’s abstract epic, A Trilogy of Perspective. A digital art book documenting the journey’s prose. This saga allows you to viscerally enter the mind of a boy becoming a man. Adolescence conquered by the seething truth. Confusion and depression becomes deconstructed and molded into self-reliance and environmental adulation.

Enter the ears of Gilman Mom, feel their journey.

Get it for free on Issuu!

Musical version available at or